Desiree Hartsock Sees Chris Siegfried’s Embarrassing Side -- Will It Make Her Love Him or Leave Him?

desiree hartsock, chris siegfriedIf it's Monday and the earth is still spinning on its axis, Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried are frantically trying to convince the public at large that they are desperately in love. You know what might help bolster the idea of their happiness more than all of these social media updates? A little radio silence! We could all just quietly assume that they'd sauntered off for some naked alone-time as real couples are wont to do.

But Des has decided that silence is for the birds, and Chris agrees with her. If it has happened in their daily lives, they have chronicled it for our reading pleasure. I am surprised we are not all receiving alerts when one of them uses the bathroom. But it looks like the bloom might be falling from the rose, because check out what annoying habit Des revealed might drive her and Chris apart.


The dude is a terrible singer! And like many terrible singers before him, he decided to break out his best Madonna while driving along with his beloved. Des playfully tweeted to all of their fans that singing ain't exactly Chris's area.

desiree harstock twitter


Can you imagine Chris staring unblinkingly at Des and wailing the chorus of "Like a Virgin"? I die. The poor woman had no choice but to tweet it out. It was do that, or throw herself from the moving car. In all relationships sooner or later, our partner's quirks rear their tuneless heads. It looks like that's already happening for Des and Chris. With the added pressure of being under such scrutiny, these little irritating quirks could easily become deal breakers.

Do you think it's normal for Des to be sharing this much about Chris?


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