'Sister Wives' Recap: Kody Makes Shocking Decision & Breaks Meri's Heart

kody and meriYou know, guys, here's the thing: Every week I go into a new episode of Sister Wives determined to give Kody Brown a chance. He's not a bad guy, right? Sure, he's a bit egocentric and there's the whole issue of the hair and whatnot, but when push comes to shove, he does seem to be a good dad and loving (if distracted and overextended) husband. And sometimes, some isolated times, he does surprise me -- in a good way. Unfortunately, last night was not one of those times. Because you know how he's been pushing Meri to have another baby since the start of the show? And how last night Meri was supposed to announce her big decision regarding Robyn's offer of surrogacy?? Well, Meri and Kody went on a big hike to talk about the situation, and what happened next was something nobody saw coming -- certainly not me, and probably not you.


Um, cause what happened next was Kody basically told Meri fuggedabouditI'm sorry, whaaaaa?! Yup. See, even though Kody's been telling Meri all this time that it's her decision and blah, blah, blah, when Meri pressed Kody for his input, he came out with this big "nature is against us so let's just give up the idea" argument. And Meri, though she tried not to show her disappointment (until later, anyway, when she talked to Robyn about it), was pretty much heartbroken. 

I mean, think about it: Even though Meri was obviously hedging to begin with, she went through this prolonged inner conflict extravaganza at the behest of Kody, right? You can just imagine all the soul-searching and back-and-forth and emotional inner dialogue the poor woman has had to endure, all to be told ... never mind?! 

I can't help but feel really bad for Meri in this situation. Does she even want another baby? Who knows?! At this point, all we know for sure is that Meri is sad and confused, as usual, and that just doesn't seem fair.

Were you surprised by Kody's decision to not have another baby with Meri?


Image via TLC

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