Chelsea Houska Dyes Her Hair Again -- Here's How to Get Her Healthy Look

chelsea houskaTrying to keep up with Chelsea Houska's ever-changing hair color is like, I don't know, trying to keep up with something that changes a lot. The Teen Mom star, who was just a redhead last week, debuted a new dark brunette 'do at daughter Aubree's fourth birthday party over the weekend. And while Chelsea looks great with brown hair (duh, she looks good with any color hair [except bleach blond]), I'm dying to know how her locks manage to always stay so soft and silky looking. The girl colors it every time the wind blows. What's yo' secret, Chels? Inquiring, fried-hair minds want to know.


Well, first off, let's get real here. As much as we love Chelsea and want to believe she has magical hair that's impervious to drying out, we all know the girl has extensions. And having fake hair clearly gives you a bit of an edge when it comes to having tresses that constantly look shiny and flowy. But. Chelsea does have a few tricks of the trade for keeping her frequently-dyed hair soft.

Chelsea swears by three products: Thermal sprays; leave-in conditioner; and silkening gloss. Thermal sprays (Chelsea uses Kenra) protect hair that's subject to heat styling, forming a sort of barrier in between the flat iron/curling iron/dryer and the hair. It essentially makes it harder to damage the hair. Leave-in conditioners are self-explanatory. And silkening glosses give the appearance of, well, glossy hair, and are to be applied after styling is finished. A good one is KMS California Silk Sheen Therapy

It sounds like a lot of work and upkeep and bathroom counter space, but hey, if it makes our hair look as good as Chelsea's, why the heck not?

What products do you use on your hair?


Image via Chelsea Houska/Instagram

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