'Teen Mom 3' Recap: Matt Loses Control & Has to Go

Matt McCann Alex SekellaWhat is up with the guys on Teen Mom 3? Do they take turns being the jerk or something? Last week Joey Maes was blowing up at Katie Yeager. This week it's Matt McCann who lost control in a fight with Alex Sekella.

But where Joey's explosive behavior was scary, Matt's was just kind of sad, and Alex's was sadder still.


This girl has been forced to grow up quickly, and she's trying to do the best for her daughter. She reminds me a lot of Chelsea Houska from Teen Mom 2, knowing in her head that her daughter's father is not a good dad but wanting desperately to stay together JUST so the kid will have a "family."

When she caught Matt texting another girl, Alex blew up at him, but fortunately she does have real family around. She called her mom, who confronted Matt, only to set him off on a rant. And then -- talk about timing -- Alex gets home, and the two start screaming.

Neither side was in the right here, clearly, especially with little Arabella listening to the whole thing, as well as Alex's little brother. But Matt really got out of control when he started baiting Alex, puffing himself up and threatening her with his body while encouraging her to hit him.

Thank GOD for Alex's mom, who decided it was time for Matt to move out of her house.

And while we're on the topic of supportive moms, Briana DeJesus' mother Roxanne is starting to take on the uber parent role Chelsea's dad Randy filled on Teen Mom 2. She is always there for her daughter and granddaughter both. When Briana is worried about paying a babyproofing service (did you even know they had such a thing?), she whips out her credit card without holding it over the teenager's head. And she's more than happy to hop on the phone to tell Briana's lazy ex Devoin that he can't just expect to take his baby out and about when he can't even spend an hour alone with her IN THE HOUSE.

Things were better for the other Teen Moms this week. Mackenzie Douthit (now Mackenzie McKee) made the smart choice to borrow a prom dress because -- as she sadly put it -- even a cheap dress would pay for a month of diapers. But she did get to go to prom along with fiance Josh McKee, who skipped out on coon hunting (I wish I was kidding) for his girl's big night. 

And things have settled down for Katie Yeager and Joey Maes, at least for the moment. He's not exactly giving it his all in couples' therapy, but he did show up, and the two moved into their new apartment. There was even an adorable moment at the show's end when the two parents checked in on Molli. Their delighted grins when they found their daughter playing in her crib showed that they both love that little girl -- if nothing else.

What did you think of Alex and Matt's fight? Was Alex's mom right to kick him out?


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