Two ‘RHOA’ Stars Get in Vicious Brawl … Was It All Over ‘Donkey Booty’?

real housewives atlanta, phaedre parks, apollo nidaDon't let Real Housewives of Atlanta's Apollo Nida and his sweet smile fool you. The dude is stone cold and will smack down anyone who looks at him the wrong way. We may know him best as the quiet husband of Phaedra Parks, Atlanta society's popular aspiring mortician, but he's got a past that is beyond shady.

His recent attack on rival Kenya Moore's assistant Brandon DeShazer is a reminder of Apollo's dark side. Phaedra and Apollo's fight with Kenya over rights to make a workout DVD has been well-chronicled on the show. But this latest, violent chapter sure hasn't made the small screen, at least not yet. Here's why Apollo went medieval on Brandon.


It was over the workout video! At a party last night, Apollo reached his breaking point in the ongoing exercise saga. The man, who spent 5 years in prison for racketeering, went for Brandon and was almost impossible to stop. His reason? Apollo believes Brandon is responsible for he and Phaedra being cut out of Kenya's own exercise video plans. This is ridiculous for so many reasons. I mean, Phaedra and Apollo made their own video anyway, the gem of my collection, 'Donkey Booty'

When your butt-themed exercise video is actually causing violence the time has come to move on. Let the gluts sag where they may. You'd think Apollo, having spent half a decade in jail already, would be in no hurry to go back there. That he would let something so (let's face it) stupid inspire such rage would be laughable if 7 guys had not been called to stop him from beating Brandon to death. 

Do you think Brendan had it coming or that Apollo was way out of line?

Image via Bravo

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