Maci Bookout's Confession About Her Ex May Ruin Her Relationship

Maci BookoutWhen it comes to the ladies of Teen Mom, Maci Bookout is a serious catch. I mean, she's fit, she's gorgeous, she's an amazing mom to her son Bentley, and has such a sweet, fun, outgoing personality. Maci's been dating her boyfriend Taylor since the end of 2012, and to say they're adorable is an understatement. The guy blowdries her hair for her, for Pete's sake! But Maci may be asking for relationship trouble with her latest Twitter confession about an ex-boyfriend.

"My ex texted me today and told me he went to Starbucks, and it made him think of me ..." she said. "Obviously even Starbucks couldn't quench his thirst."

Ha! It's funny, yeah, but at the same time -- I wonder how Taylor feels about a comment like that. Maci's essentially admitting her past flames are contacting her and putting their feelings out there. In 99 percent of situations, that's NOT a good thing.


When you get out of a very serious relationship, it's hard to get to a place where the two of you can be just friends no matter how much time goes by. Even if you are able to achieve some level of friendship with that person you used to care for in such an intimate way, there's always the possibility that those old feelings can come back. That possibility makes it VERY uncomfortable for a new love interest in your life, who undeniably is wondering if what they're giving you just isn't enough.

So you have to decide: Who do you really care about? If the answer is your new man, then I'd say the best decision is to cut off ties with that old flame. Certainly there are circumstances that change this, and who knows, maybe your new man really is OK with you talking to an ex. Regardless, the goal is to move forward. Just like Maci, you may not even realize that a friendship with an old lover is causing more harm than good.

Do you think Maci is walking a fine line talking to her ex?


Image via macideshanebookout/ Instagram

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