'Teen Mom' Star Gets Engaged – Thank Goodness!

Matt McCann Alex SekellaKids. They grow up so fast. Even the stars of Teen Mom. You turn around and the next thing you know they're engaged!

Yes, I said engaged. It seems wedding bells will soon be ringing for Matt McCann, father of cutie Arabella and ex-boyfriend of Teen Mom 3 star Alex Sekella.

So who is the lucky lady?


Not Alex!

Matt popped the question to long-time girlfriend Lekota Koch, an 18-year-old who graduated from high school this past spring. The two are living together and going to college, and Matt said he got her a "penguin ring" because she doesn't like fancy rings and wants something meaningful.

Sounds like this is for real ... and there's no chance Matt and Alex will reunite for baby Bellie.



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We've seen these two stars going AT it in the Teen Mom 3 trailers, not to mention fighting constantly on the show. If there was ever a couple that was not meant to be together, it's Alex and Matt.

In fact, Alex told The Stir recently in an exclusive interview that she moved an hour away from her mom just to get away from Matt. The two have no relationship these days. None. Despite being Matt's steady girlfriend for the past year -- she was around when he fell off that cliff last fall -- Lekota even says she hasn't filmed for MTV yet.

If these two get hitched and Lekota becomes Arabella's official stepmother, that may change. It looks like Matt is back in court to try to get a visitation schedule to see his little girl.

Could it be that he's cleaned up and grown up? Let's hope so -- if only for Arabella's sake.

And let's hope this engagement sticks. There's no way these two parents should get together "for the kid!"

Were you hoping for Matt and Alex to reunite? What do you think of his engagement?


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