Snooki's Secret Plans for 'DWTS' Prove She's the One to Beat (VIDEO)

Snooki & Sasha FarberAhhhh! How pumped are you that Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is part of the Dancing With the Stars season 17 cast?!? I was already pretty fired up when the rumor came out that she might have made the cut, and I literally threw my hands up and cheered when her name was announced yesterday. (I lurrrve her.)

And even though she has such a chill, funny personality -- it's pretty obvious that she's taking this competition very seriously. She wants to prove to the world that she's a pint-sized meatball who knows how to shake it.

One of the biggest perks of being on DWTS is the major body transformation that comes along with it. Even though Snooki has already whipped herself into amazing shape, there is one thing she's hoping to gain by the time the show is over.


You're gonna love this -- she told ABC News, "I really want a butt. I don't have a butt. I have like a pancake butt, so I'd like a little bump."

Aww. Snooki wants a butt. (She's adorable.) And she'll certainly be working her glutes given the hours and hours of rehearsing she's going to be putting in, so odds are good she'll get her wish.

And speaking of rehearsals -- based on the photo above that she shared on Instagram, it looks like Snooki and her partner Sasha Farber are getting right down to business instead of wasting time on the basics! (No, not that kind of business. She's assuring fans that Jionni has nothing to worry about.) Sure, she said she was stretching in this photo -- but not many moms can stand on their hands even with someone holding them up!

If you're at all curious as to how things in the studio are going so far, check out this video to hear the scoop.

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Huh. So she's hoping to be better than The Situation. Yeah -- something tells me that's not going to be a problem for her. (Sorry, Mike.)

I don't know why, but my gut is telling me she's going to make it pretty far in the competition. I really think there's a great chance that Snooki will wind up in the finals. She may be little, but she certainly has the spunk and determination to pull off a win!

Will you be rooting for Snooki this season?


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