Teresa Giudice Finally Has a Friend on Her Side -- But Does She Have Other Motives?

teresa giudice, heather maclean, real housewivesCreating drama is bread and butter to Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice. If it's a mild disagreement, she will find a way to escalate the situation until it's a full-on brawl. Sure, she can be a sweetie with her kids and her husband, but this is not a broad worth the trouble of crossing.

Though she's totally capable of fighting her own battles (clearly), now she's got reinforcements. They come in the form of her best friend, author and photographer Heather Maclean. No punches have been thrown (yet), but Heather hasn't been shy about defending Bravo's portrayal of her friend. What did she do lately that has Teresa's friends and foes up in arms?


Heather live-tweeted The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and she lambasted the show's editors. Heather claimed that they went out of their way to put her bestie Teresa in a bad light. Come on, Heather. Teresa doesn't need help making herself look terrible. That table didn't flip itself.

teresa giudice, heather maclean, real housewives

Heather's been on TV before, competing in The Rebel Billionaire, a show created by Richard Branson. She's also a top-notch businesswoman. Given her history, you'd think she'd be smart enough to avoid getting involved in a RHONJ squabble. Apparently, this is not the case.

I bet Teresa thinks it's great to finally have someone on her side. Sadly, I think there's something suspicious about Heather's sudden tweet-blitz. Could she genuinely be just one friend supporting another? Maybe. But these are the Real Housewives we are talking about.

It seems to me that Heather has spotted a way into one of the reality TV world's most popular franchises, and she's going to take it. You would think working on her successful line of cookbooks with Teresa would be enough to keep her busy. I guess not!

Would you watch Heather on The Real Housewives?


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