'Teen Mom' Star Welcomes Baby Number 2 & Her Name Is a Doozy

Adam Lind Taylor Halbur new babyIt's happened. One of the worst examples of fatherhood on reality television has become a father of two. Adam Lind -- aka the most notorious felon from Teen Mom 2 (yes, folks, he's been in the clink more than Jenelle Evans!) -- and girlfriend Taylor Halbur welcomed a little girl this week, the brand new half-sister of Chelsea Houska's daughter Aubree.

The new mom went into labor on Monday's holiday appropriately enough, although the baby girl wasn't born until Tuesday, September 3.

Now for the question of the hour. Did they go with the ridiculous baby name?


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You know what I'm talking about folks! The name Chelsea thought was a little weird?

It has indeed come to pass. Aubree now has a little sister named ... Paislee Lind.

It's not that the name isn't cute. I happen to love Paisley for a girl.


Not Paislee.

Because you know what happens when you give your kid a normal name and then spell it like that? You give them a life of having to re-spell their name for EVERYONE!


On the other hand, the baby is unspeakably adorable. And Adam seems to actually be stepping up for Taylor -- even if he couldn't for Chelsea. Maybe he's turned a page, maybe this little one will finally make him grow up and be a father ... to both his daughters? Let's hope, for Aubree's sake, for Paislee's sake, and for Taylor's sake!

What do you think of the baby name?


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