Catherine Giudici Makes the Ultimate Sacrifice for Sean Lowe Because ... LOVE

catherine eating meatBachelor love doubters, do you know how much Catherine Giudici loves Sean Lowe? I'll tell you how much. Meat Very Much. Vegan Catherine is eating meat so she can bond with Sean. Catherine has called herself an "opportunistic vegan" who makes occasional exceptions for the right reasons. And one right reason? Men. Ahem, specifically her fiance. Over Labor Day weekend Sean tweeted from The Big Texan Steak Ranch, "@clmgiudici just finished the famed 72oz steak in 20 minutes. She then asked for extra mac and cheese and a side of fried okra." Love over food politics? That's a relationship hell yes.


In a relationship we all have to pick our battles and give in a little. Small compromises are the key to harmony. It's sweet to see Catherine be flexible about something so many other people are rigid about. It's just food, after all. And this is why I'll probably never get married ever again. Because if someone asked me to compromise my food principles and eat something I normally refuse to eat just to make him happy, I'd probably kiss him goodbye and go back to my local, organic kale. But that's just me. I'm probably a selfish jerk. We love this Catherine and Sean happily-ever-after fairy tale, so let's stick with them.

Of course, it helps if your convictions aren't that strong to begin with. I mean, how committed is an "opportunistic vegan" anyway? Is this really that big a sacrifice? I just hope Catherine isn't also an "opportunistic fiance." I mean, hah, we haven't seen ANY evidence whatsoever that she's that. Right? Right?!? Right.

I just hope Sean Lowe would be as willing to sacrifice his principles for Catherine.

Back to our story: It concludes with Sean Lowe tweeting, "Update: @clmgiudici just pooped an entire cow. True story." Le sigh. Nothing says "I love you forever" like steak and Texas-sized poo. That's what I always say.

What principles are you willing to compromise for love?


Image via Sean Lowe/Instagram

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