'Teen Mom' Star Arrested for Drug Possession & This Time It's NOT Jenelle Evans

briana dejesusWhen it comes to the stars of Teen Mom, they're not exactly strangers to the law. It actually dumbfounds me how so many of the men that our favorite moms hook up with manage to find themselves in the back of a cop car or, even worse, in the slammer. Today's bombshell? Devoin Austin II, the father of Briana Dejesus' baby girl Nova Star, was arrested over Labor Day weekend on four counts of criminal activity. The charges? Possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and burglarizing. Eeeeesh.

Briana's take on the whole thing? Girl's got her head on straight. She tweeted yesterday a photo of Devoin's criminal information with the caption: "This is why I'm over protective when it comes to MY* child."

Sure, Briana may have picked the wrong guy years ago, but she is NOT gonna take Devoin back and make the same mistake twice.


We watched on Teen Mom 3 last week as Devoin made small progress with his daughter, working on the relationship the two of them have together. While he tried there to be a good dad, behavior like this, the kind that got him arrested, isn't working in his favor. If I were Briana, I wouldn't want my daughter to be anywhere near someone doing these kind of things!

This is where Briana is different than her fellow Teen Mom stars, like say Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers, for example. Whereas Jenelle knew Courtland had a criminal past, she was too blinded by her love for him to realize that bringing her son Jace around wasn't the best idea. Plus, she just kept giving him chance and chance again when he would cheat, lie, and only god knows what else.

Briana is a strong woman, and the kind of Teen Mom star that fans of the show should look up to. It's natural for her to want her daughter to have some sort of interaction with her dad, but not going back to him herself for a relationship -- that really says something positive.

Are you surprised about Devoin's arrest? Do you like watching Briana on Teen Mom 3?


Image via BrianaDejesus_/Instagram

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