Demi Lovato Joins 'Glee' as Santana's New Love Interest: All the Juicy Details!

Naya Rivera and Demi LovatoThere have been some pretty epic celebrity guest appearances on Glee in seasons past. Think about it: Lindsay Lohan during the New Directions' trip to nationals, Gwyneth Paltrow as a substitute teacher, and um HELLO -- Britney Spears!! (Need I say more?) However, it looks like the head honchos behind all that is McKinley High School are throwing us a curveball and giving one MAJOR celebrity a role in this season I never expected: Demi Lovato!

That's right. The X Factor judge Demi Lovato is making her Glee debut this season, but it gets BETTER: She'll be playing Santana's love interest.

Check out all the juicy details on Demi Lovato's Glee stint, here:


1. Who is Demi playing? Demi will be playing a young artist named Dani, struggling to make it in NYC.

2. She's crushin' hardcore: So yes, Demi will play Santana's love interest. As much as I loved me some Brittana, I'm excited to see something new here. Even better news? The two of them will get to sing a song together. I would KILL for a Glee rendition of Demi's "Heart Attack." The reality? According to Wetpaint, the girls will be singing the Beatles' "Here Comes the Sun."

3. She's in this for the long haul: Demi is currently set to appear in at least six episodes. Love it!

4. Who else gets to sing with Demi? Prepare yourself for some fantastic melodies with past American Idol contestant Adam Lambert, who is making an appearance season 5.

Are you excited for Demi's guest appearance on Glee?


Image via nayarivera/Instagram

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