Sean Lowe Shares 'Bachelor' Photos That Could've Ruined His Entire Season

Sean Lowe Catherine GiudiciIt's really obvious now that the two of them were meant to be together, but after seeing these new photos of Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici from her hometown date in Seattle, it looks as though things were a done deal between them long before he proposed on The Bachelor finale.

Sean posted the pics of the two of them goofing off in a photo booth to Instagram -- even going so far as to call Catherine a "weirdo" in his caption: "Pic from the hometown date with this weirdo. @catherinegiudici #tbt"

(And of course it's a term of endearment in her case. Aww.)


OMG. Do they have off the charts chemistry in these photos or what? They look so content, comfortable, and in love. It's probably a good thing these shots weren't released during Sean's season or they would've given the ending away for sure. And then the show would've been totally ruined and nobody would've watched. (Well, not really, but you know what I mean.)

Even though I'd seen the spoilers well before Sean got down on one knee, I kept thinking there was going to be some kind of twist, because he and Catherine's connection didn't seem all that clear to me. Sure, they got along well and had fun together, but I wasn't convinced they had much more than a friendship going on. They just seemed to be lacking that "I wanna rip your clothes off right now" vibe -- but based on these pics, it's obvious that they held back whenever the cameras were rolling.

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Maybe with so many spoilers out there, they wanted to leave viewers with a little bit of a mystery to figure out? Or maybe Sean and Catherine simply weren't comfortable showing their love for each other on TV, which is why they could only let their guard down behind close doors. (Or in a photo booth in this case.)

Oh wait, I know why they were careful not to give away too many clues that they were falling head-over-heels for each other. It's because of those stupid little things called contracts -- you know, the ones they have to sign with ABC saying they won't spill the beans on who they're (not) doing the dirty with.

Hmm. I can't decide whether I wish we'd seen these pics while The Bachelor was on, or if it's cuter after the fact now that we know Sean and Catherine are as serious as a heart attack.

Whatever the case, it's impossible not to be happy that they managed to find each other -- even though it wasn't exactly in a conventional way.

Did you see Sean and Catherine's connection right from the start?


Image via Instagram

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