Brandi Glanville Laughs Off Eddie Cibrian’s Bizarre Request

brandi glanville, rhbh, real housewives, We know there's no love lost between Real Housewife Brandi Glanville, her ex Eddie Cibrian, and his current wife LeAnn Rimes. Rumor has it (and by rumor we mean Brandi took to Twitter to put them on blast) Eddie and LeAnn asked Glanville to be a part of a new reality show about their lives. Are you kidding me? The woman wouldn't let her kids with Eddie participate in the filming, and she's never been a shrinking violet about her feelings for Eddie and LeAnn, king and queen of the cheaters. 

If that isn't enough to make your eyes roll to the back of your head, now reports are coming in that it was Brandi's team who approached Eddie and LeAnn about getting Brandi involved in the project. Yeah. Can you say unlikely?


It would make sense that Eddie and LeAnn's camp would start the second rumor. It's basically them saying, "You can't fire us -- because we quit!" In short, too little back-peddling, way too late.

Have they even met Brandi? Here are five other things she'd be more likely to do with the couple than agree to star on a TV show with her ex and his new bride, the amateur bikini model.

1. A Romantic Picnic

Ah yes, can't you picture it? LeAnn and Eddie feeding each other bits of cheese as Brandi glowers in their general direction.

2. Hunting

Because few ideas are better than going out into the woods with your greatest enemies while all parties are armed.

3. Bowling

Even the stank of the rented shoes can't cover up the stank of betrayal.

4. Karaoke

It's all well and good to bellow "All By Myself" when alone and tipsy, it's another thing to do it while staring at the man who broke your heart and the woman who helped him do it.

5. Interpretive Dance Class

The instructor tells each member of class to "dance their feelings." Brandi starts screaming. Brandi never stops screaming. LeAnn tries to cover up her screams by yodeling. This plan fails.

Are you going to watch Eddie and LeAnn's show when it airs?


Image via Bravo

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