'Downton Abbey' Season 4 Trailer Drops Some MAJOR Hints About Lady Mary

downton abbey season 4 trailerThe season 4 trailer for Downton Abbey has hit the Internet, and at least ONE mystery about the upcoming season has been solved: Dowager Countess's "choose life or death" line that was released last week in a short teaser clip WAS directed at Lady Mary. Of course, everyone this side of the pond will have to wait until wintertime to find out the results of this conversation. The PBS series returns to TV on January 5.

Of course, the NEXT big question now remains ... (WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD!)


... and that is which one of Lady Mary's many suitors will evolve as her new love interest following the tragic car crash death of Matthew. Besides the Dowager's opener, the rest of the trailer features a series of quick-edits of various facial expressions and emotional reactions as only the characters of Downton Abbey can provide.

AND maybe best of all, you can also steal yourself a looksie at the three hottie new characters, including Tom ­Cullen, 28, as Lord Anthony ­Gillingham, a friend of the Crawleys; Gary Carr, 26, as American jazz singer Jack Ross; and Julian Ovenden, 37, as aristocrat Charles Blake.

This calls for a cup tea. Take your laptop to the sitting room and enjoy this little teaser ... based on this who do YOU think Lady Mary's next romance will be with?

Image via ENTV/YouTube

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