'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Joe Giudice Admits He's Terrified To Go to Prison

Joe and Teresa GiudiceThe healing continued on tonight's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The Arizona dessert has done them all good, and they seem destined to go back to Jersey at least a little less dysfunctional than they came.

First up was horse whisperer/psychic Wyatt Webb. The cowboy with insight as deep as his drawl was a master at picking up on the issues each of them faced. Now, seeing as how their whole lives have played out on TV for years, he could have just done some serious RHONJ marathons to come to his conclusions, but he didn't seem the type. Regardless of his technique though, he did somehow draw out some deep emotions from the gang.


Rosie Pierri admitted that she often feels like she's not good enough because she isn't married with children. Al Manzo admitted he was emotionally abused as a child by his father; and Kathy Wakile admitted she puts herself last way too often. As poignant as those moments were, however, Joe Giudice's admission was by far the most shocking.

He admitted that he was worried about his upcoming trial. Once he did that, he was able to lift the horse's leg. It seemed small -- anyone would be nervous about a trial that could potentially send them to prison -- but Joe has never shown this kind of vulnerability before. Everything is usually one big expletive-filled joke with him. So it was surprising to see him show so much vulnerability. 

Later when it was just him and Teresa, he expressed even more fear. He told her:

It's not like I'm a f**king criminal where I've been to f**king prison a million f**king times, ya know? I never f**king killed anybody, never did anything to f**king hurt anybody. I don't belong there and I don't wanna go there.

I've never had much, if any, sympathy for the guy, but tonight I felt some twinges of it. If he did the crime, then he needs to do the time, but it still was hard to watch that fear in him. Of course, there's also the strong possibility he was just trying to spin the story and get some sympathy while the cameras were rolling, but I felt for him regardless.

Mostly I feel for Teresa and their daughters, especially because he was just talking about the identity theft case against him at that point. This episode was filmed before the whole financial fraud case they both were charged with this summer that could send them both to prison for decades. If they were scared then, they've got to be terrified now.

Were you surprised to see Joe Giudice get so emotional? Did you feel bad for him ... even a tiny bit?


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