Kris Jenner & Fox Say Her Show Isn't Canceled After All - Should We Believe Them?

Kris JennerDespite conflicting reports saying her TV run is over, Kris Jenner insists her talk show has NOT been canceled -- and now we're really not sure which side of the story to believe.

And it's not just Kris who is backing up claims that her show still has a fighting chance. Reps from Fox are also denying that it's been axed, and the show's official Twitter account sent out the following message to reassure everyone that their Kris fix isn't over. (Yet.)

It read, "Rumors flying are false but glad everyone is still buzzing about our 6 week summer run!!!!"


Ok, so what's the deal? Is Kris getting picked up for another season, or have we seen the last of her as our new favorite talk show host? (Kidding. I haven't exactly seen the show yet, so I'm not one to judge her hosting skills.)

Well, according to another source close to the Jenners who talked to Us Weekly about the show's cancellation, "It's way too early for that decision to have been made. And on top of that, Fox likes the show."

I'm no genius, but it sure sounds like Mama Kris' non-reality TV days aren't over -- so maybe Kanye West appearing on her show and debuting baby North West's first photo really did give her the boost she needed to stay afloat?

I guess we'll just have to wait and see if Fox picks it up for another season, and if they do? I'm willing to bet Kanye and Kim Kardashian will show up on the premiere with something a bit more compelling than a baby photo to entice viewers, if you catch my drift.

Do you think Kris should get another chance with her show?


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