'Bachelorette' Star Is Expecting Her First Child

DeAnnaDeAnna Pappas was a favorite of Bachelor and Bachelorette fans and we all wanted to see her find her happy ending. Now it seems she is well on her way. She and husband Stephen Stagliano have just announced that they are expecting their first baby on February 8, 2014. Apparently, they tried for a year so it's extra special.

DeAnna was one of the two final women who were ultimately rejected by Bachelor Brad Womack. Later, she went on to star in her own Bachelorette, became engaged to Jesse Csincsak, and then broke that off.

Still, she is considered a Bachelor success story because she ultimately married the twin brother of Michael Stagliano, who was once a contestant on The Bachelorette. It's just one big happy family.


One of the most endearing things about Pappas has always been her openness and honesty. She lost her mother as a child and talked on the show quite a bit about her grief and how much she missed her.

I am sure that a little part of her is thrilled that this baby is going to be a part of her mother as well. Both my husband and I have lost our mothers now, and we are also acutely aware that this new baby we are expecting next January is going to be part of both of them. That means a lot.

DeAnna deserves all the happiness in the world and it's especially nice that she is sharing how long they tried. A lot of people don't discuss that, but it DOES make it more special in many ways. When you get pregnant more quickly, it's still special, but it's not quite the same. I am sure a year of trying was stressful.

Pappas says she could wait to find out the sex, but Stephen wants to know. Either way, Bachelor nation may not know until the baby is born. But that's OK. Another Bachelor baby is always good news. This show can use all the love it can get. Most of what it has in its wake are fails. 

Congrats to the couple!

Are you happy for DeAnna?


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