Ian Somerhalder Confesses He Cries at Work -- Can You Guess Why?

ian somerhalder, the vampire diaries, 50 shades of grey Lest you think pretending to be a vampire is all fun and games, Ian Somerhalder is here to let you know it isn't all sexy romps and turning into a raven. Sometimes playing the troubled Damon Salvatore on Vampire Diaries leaves him emotionally wrecked. Wryly comparing his job to therapy he gets paid for, Ian said:

It’s not always fun. Sometimes it’s brutal and I’ll walk off set and I’ll cry for 10 minutes alone in my trailer.

Somebody pass the dude a hanky. If his day job makes him cry on a regular basis, what else sets him up for a sob-fest?


Does he get overwhelmed in the grocery store? I can almost picture Ian standing in the produce aisle getting choked up because there are too many different types of salad greens to choose from. Let's not even get started on the dairy section -- soy milk? Almond? Locally sourced half-n-half? Somebody please give Ian a hug ... then tell me what he smells like.

Being a sensitive actor-type who draws on his own past traumatic experiences for his role, imagine how hard it would be sit through even the most mild chick flick with him. Heck, even a high-stakes action adventure movie is probably too conflict-filled for fans' favorite Christian Grey. The earth is saved on screen, and Ian is having a hard time breathing through his sobs.

In reality he's obviously not on man on the edge. He's an actor, and he channels these sorts of emotions every day. Even when he's at his weepiest, Ian knows how to reel it back in:

I look at myself in the mirror and go, ‘What the hell are you doing? Why are you crying in this trailer? Go have a coffee or something.’

Still, we bet he's been known to shed a tear or two when he gets pulled over for speeding.

What else do you think has made Ian cry?

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