New 'DWTS' Casting Rumor Deserves a Major Fist Pump If It's True

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So far the Dancing With the Stars season 17 casting speculation has been a tiny bit of a letdown -- because no one has been mentioned yet who really gives off that "WOW" factor. You know, a contestant who makes us get up off the couch and jump up and down and scream because we can't resist rooting for them.

Well, except maybe for John Stamos -- because what female with half a pulse wouldn't absolutely freak out if we have the pleasure of seeing him strut across the ballroom floor?

But it looks as though the wait is finally over as far as a potential totally amazing cast member goes. I don't want to get my hopes up about her actually making the cut.

Ready for this??


Snooki could wind up being on DWTS season 17. Yes, Nicole Polizzi. OMG! OMG! OMG! Please, please, PLEASE let this happen!

I'm not even joking, you guys -- Star magazine is reporting that Snooki has signed on, and I'm finding it impossible to contain my excitement.

Um, is she absolutely perfect for the gig or what? First of all, her personality and wit will totally steal the show. Her comments after each performance will be priceless -- and you know we'll see a fist pump or two after she receives her scores. And now that she's in such amazing shape, she'll be able to handle the grueling rehearsals. If she works hard, I really think she has a shot at winning this thing.

But if Snooki is on DWTS, they need to put her with a pro who complements her petite frame, like Derek Hough or Mark Ballas. If they give her a really tall dude, things could get a bit too challenging and awkward.

Oh yeah, one more thing, supposedly Jack Osbourne and Christina Milian are in for season 17 too -- but who cares about them if Snooki winds up being part of the show?!?

Ahhh! I'm already rooting for her and she's not even a sure thing yet, which tells you all you need to know about how well she'll do if she's cast.

Only a few more days to go until we find out for sure!

Will you cheer for Snooki if she's on DWTS?


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