‘Glee’ Stars Say Filming Cory Monteith Memorial Episode Is ‘Terrible’ and ‘Tough’

GleeWhat Glee stars are saying about shooting Cory Monteith's memorial episode may contribute even more to the rumors that this season may be the last one. Naya Rivera, who plays Santana, told Us Weekly that the mood on the set of Glee is "terrible" while she was attending the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. She also said, in regards to filming the memorial episode, "It's the worst thing that's ever happened to me .... It is the hardest thing to do. It's been the worst week ever."

How tough this time must be for all the actors trying to get through filming this episode! Still, Rivera explained to Us that putting together the memorial has helped her mourn and cope with her costar's passing. Hopefully everyone who is involved with the episode feels that way too. Costars Darren Criss and Jane Lynch also spoke about their tribute to Cory and how it's been affecting everyone on set.


Jane Lynch tweeted that the script for his memorial episode was the "most beautiful thing," getting all fans curious about what they may potentially see next month. Seems that the writers of Glee aren't going to let them down. But now the cast and crew are well into filming and it's been really difficult on all of them. I seriously can't imagine how hard it must be, trying to work in an environment where everything must remind them of Cory. "We're shooting it right now. It's tough to shoot," Darren Criss, who plays Blaine, said at the VMAs. "It's something that needs to happen for the fans. I don't know; it's going to be tough. But it will be very poignant and hopefully very moving, and just that: a tribute. Hopefully it will be a good tribute to Cory."

Whew, I'm not so sure I'm emotionally prepared enough to watch this after hearing what some of the show's stars are saying. The episode, which is reportedly titled "The Quarterback," should have viewers bawling "from beginning to end," sources tell E! Lea Michele, Cory's girlfriend and costar, apparently will be in the episode in a "limited but incredibly powerful" way. Her time in the spotlight is going to be quite the tearjerker.

So get the tissues ready for October 10, when the memorial episode is slated to premiere. Seems that everyone involved in the show wants to give Monteith a proper, fitting farewell, as they grapple with their own personal turmoil at the same time, so seeing this translate on-screen will surely be a special experience. We can only hope that filming will help Criss, Rivera, Lynch, and everyone else involved with the show heal, move on, and cope, and allow them to honor Monteith's memory with one hell of an episode.

Will you tune in to Cory Monteith's memorial episode on October 10?


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