One Direction’s New Perfume May Smell Like Boy Socks & You’re Going to Love It (VIDEO)

Rebecca Stokes | Aug 27, 2013 TV

(Oh Niall you scoundrel)

Looking for something to spritz upon yourself before heading out to see One Direction's new flick, One Direction: This Is Us, other than overeager-youth repellent? Lucky for you (or for any squealing fans you may know), the boy-band is releasing is their first-ever perfume! Surprised to hear that a gaggle of male youths are designing smells for ladies? They seem to be equally baffled in the new commercial they dropped to accompany their debut scent.

The new perfume, Our Moment ($59.50) from Macy's, supposedly smells like a mixture of berries, red currants, grapefruit, and androgynous but attractive Irishmen. (All true -- minus the last one.) The boys make this hilariously clear in their one-minute video. They start off seriously enough, sniffing fruits and flowers in apparent ecstasy. It's a step away from the long-ago ridiculous CK One ads. But before too long the band's notorious playful side is on display in full force as Niall loses it with laughter and Liam tricks the gang into sniffing his feet.

Check out our slideshow for some of the video's funniest moments.


  • Mmmm, berries.


    Image via One Direction/

    This shot was inspired by a game the guys like to play called, "Is It Berries? It's Berries, Isn't It." In the game each member must guess what type of fruit they are holding guided by scent alone.

  • Grapefruits are confusing.


    Image via One Direction/

    "Do I sit in it or eat it?" Can you blame him for looking confused? Who among us has not been baffled by citrus fruit at one time or another?

  • Goodbye, brain cells!


    Image via One Direction/

    Remember how in chemistry class our teachers always used to go on and on about wafting the fumes away instead of inhaling them directly and frying our brains? Yeah, well. Niall missed that day.

  • Snow?! In August?!


    Image via One Direction/

    Growing up, Zayn was always told that snow was cold. As such, he is baffled by these unmeltable things falling from the sky. There are only two options: One, he has died and come back as an ice-cold zombie whose touch does not melt snowflakes, or two, maybe these are actually flower petals. Zayn is opting for choice number one. Because zombies are awesome.

  • Harry's Choice


    Image via One Direction/

    Decisions, decisions, decisions. To Harry, these seemingly identical blossoms are a metaphor for his love life. He cannot keep smelling both of them and yet one of the flowers has already explained that she is looking for a serious, exclusive commitment.

  • Like the holy grail, but perfume.


    Image via One Direction/

    While the rest of the gang looks on in dumbstruck wonder, Louis prepares to make like a bandit and steal ... his own perfume? Let's place bets on how far he gets before realizing that he has effectively robbed his own pocket and trots back to the set, shall we?

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