'Real Housewives of Miami' Recap: Lisa Hochstein's Surprise Was a Really Bad Idea

real housewives of miamiI've been wavering ever since this season started, but after tonight's episode of The Real Housewives of Miami, I'm firmly on Team Lea Black. While it usually takes two to take things to this level, Adriana De Moura is such an overly dramatic, self-absorbed princess, I can barely even stomach considering her side.

Now, since her big blowup with Lea, she and Marysol Patton have formed Team Victim and are having all sorts of fun pretending they're innocent victims of evil queen Lea. "The best place you can be is not to be Lea Black's friend," Marysol told Adriana.

The thing is though that they both wronged Lea, so it's kind of funny that they're the ones mad at her. As Lea said, "Dumb. Dumber. Stupid. Stupider. Blah. Blah. Blah."


So when sweet yet misguided Lisa Hochstein decided to surprise everyone and bring them together at the same restaurant, it was a really bad move. There was no way it was headed anywhere good, and Lea did the smart (and very un-Housewife-like) thing and left. After all that went down, it's not like she could have just sat there making polite dinner conversation.

I was surprised Joanna Krupa didn't leave with her, and it wasn't until she got a text that she and Lisa went outside to see how Lea was. There they found her in tears. She told them she wasn't going to sit there while people talked shit about her and told Lisa a reconciliation wasn't going to happen.

Lisa seemed reluctant to believe Adriana had lied about being married, and that's when Joanna pulled out paperwork (that she just so happened to be carrying around?) to show Lisa that not only did Adriana get a marriage license, but that she also got married. Clips from past episodes showed her repeatedly lying about being married. Lea has every right to be angry with her for lying, and if Adriana would have just apologized and explained, everything would be fine. Instead she's chosen to attack the person who has helped her over the years.

Lisa took the evidence with her, after promising she wouldn't confront Adriana with it that night. But I can't wait to see how Adriana spins it when she finally does.

Team Lea or Team Adriana?


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