'Walking Dead' Season 4 Sneak Peek Shows Michonne Fighting a Losing Battle Against Zombies (VIDEO)

Walking DeadIf you were watching Low Winter Sun last night, you had the privilege of being the first folks to hear the following thrilling words from a deep-voiced AMC narrator: "Now … a sneak peek at the new season of The Walking Dead."

Well, LA DI DA, aren't you special for being smart enough to tune into the network's latest crime drama which they're clearly trying like hell to promote to existing Breaking Bad and Walking Dead fans. You got an early look at the clip, while the rest of us had to wait until it made its way to YouTube. YOU WIN, OKAY? Now if you're quite finished being all Hipster Ariel about the sneak peek, let's review AMC's surprising decision to share such an in-depth video that rounds up nearly all of season 4's biggest moments in one jaw-dropping commercial!


I'm kidding, of course. The clip is like 40 seconds long and it really didn't show us a damn thing we didn't already know. But what the hell, it's all we've got, so let's take a look at it:

All right, so we can see that the group is still at the prison. Michonne's got a horse, which makes her look even more badass. Carl's on watch at the newly fortified gates, where he's using a pulley system to let Michonne in. As she rides past the first gate, a couple of walkers follow her in, and she's like, SIGH. Michonne starts struggling with the zombies, which keeps her hands occupied so she's unable to grab her katana, and Carl runs to get a gun. Meanwhile, Maggie stares from the watchtower like this:

I guess what we can infer from this clip is that:

1) The survivors have been at the prison for a while and have reinforced the entry.

2) Michonne totally has a horse.

3) There are still walkers!

4) Carl, Michonne, and Maggie didn't die during the break between season 3 and season 4.

In other words, not much of a sneak peek, AMC. But maybe we'll continue to see little clips of season 4 here and there as they try to entice us into watching Low Winter Sun. Let's hope the next one involves Daryl Dixon.

What did you think of this sneak peek of The Walking Dead?

Image via AMC

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