Cory Monteith 'Glee' Tribute Episode Spoilers Reveal How Rachel Berry Will Grieve Finn Hudson

Lea Michele Finn necklaceWith just over three weeks left until the season 5 premiere of Glee, I think it's safe to say that most fans are looking forward to more than a few Beatles songs. The Cory Monteith memorial episode, the third one of the fifth season, has been in the works since his tragic July death. Last week, we heard from actress Jane Lynch that the script is the "most beautiful thing," on Twitter. Today, new details are out revealing what fans can expect in Cory's memorial episode.

An insider told E! Online that fans of the episode will "cry from beginning to end," and it's "so, so good." Personally, I wouldn't expect anything less. Everyone could use a good cry considering what's happened, and the tribute wouldn't be done right if it didn't bring both Cory's costars and Glee fans to tears.

But just wait, we have more details.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead.


1. The episode will take place in Lima: Which I think is totally fitting. Lima is where fans fell in love with Glee, and that's where the whole gang has always come back together when tragedy strikes.

2. Naya Rivera has a big role in the episode: We don't know exactly what she'll be doing, but apparently Naya's character Santana has a "great, memorable part in the episode." As upsetting as thinking up different scenarios can be, I wonder if maybe Santana is the person who finds Finn dead.

3. Lea Michele's role is limited, but has a major impact: Sources say that Lea doesn't appear in the episode until the very final act. She will sing a song, and that song will be incredibly powerful. Ugh. I have chills just thinking about it all.

4. Rachel is coping in an adorable way: By sporting a Finn necklace that's very similar to the real-life Cory necklace Lea Michele is sporting in real life. I love this. I love the concept of her bringing in the way she's coping with the loss of her boyfriend in reality to her character.

Are you looking forward to the Cory Monteith memorial episode?


Image via msleamichele/ Instagram

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