Farrah Abraham Wears Mackenzie Douthit's Wedding Dress to Adult Entertainment Event (PHOTO)

farrah abrahamWho wore the long ruffly, sparkly, sweetheart-necked dress better? Teen Mom Mackenzie Douthit at her recent wedding? Or Farrah Abraham during a routine night out on the town? If you said "Mackenzie", you're right. If you said "there is no 'right' to a question like this; fashion is subjective", you're wrong. Here's why:


Mackenzie wore this super fancy, super elaborate gown to her wedding. Farrah wore it to Starbucks. Just kidding. Okay, so it's not like Farrah wore the dress out for a random day of grocery shopping and getting the oil changed, but she did wear it to the 2013 Gentlemen’s Club Expo & Trade Show in Vegas. And gadzooks, this seems like an awfully fancy dress to wear to an event like that! She should have gone with something short for the occasion. Something less champagne-colored and ruffly. Something not so ... bridal. I mean, seriously, if you threw a bouquet in Farrah's hands, she'd look like she was either ready to tie the knot or shrink herself down and stand on the top of a four-tiered, buttercream cake.

Both Mackenzie and Farrah are lovely ladies, but I'm going to have to say this is a case in which Mackenzie definitely wore it better. And hey, she should feel honored, because she also wore it first. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And Farrah? She was definitely imitating Mackenzie's dress at the Gentlemen's Club Expo.

Abraham, y'burnt.

Who do you think wore it better?


Image via Pacific Coast News 

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