'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout Is Ready for 'Dancing With the Stars'

Maci BookoutWe are closer than close to the announcement of the official Dancing With the Stars cast line-up for fall 2013 and the rumors are running rampant. One of the loudest? That a Teen Mom star will cross over from MTV to swing her hips on ABC.

When The Stir talked to Maci Bookout recently about her TV special Being Maci, she took the chance to explain why she's ready for the show!


First .. the bad news. According to Maci, she didn't make the cut ... no one has even reached out! But that doesn't mean she wouldn't be up for it. According to the Teen Mom:

I've never spoken with anyone about doing Dancing With the Stars. I would love to; I think it would be a great experience.

And she's already prepared! Said Maci:

Right now I'm actually rehearsing for the past three months for a charity event in Chattanooga that is very very similar to Dancing with the Stars but it's not televised. It's a live event downtown and it's for the Kidney Foundation of Greater Chattanooga.

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They basically just take people that are well known in our community -- as far as news people or radio DJs or people that are just very well known around here -- and they pair us up with a professional dancer and then we do two dances the night of the event. All the proceeds go to the Kidney Foundation.

It's one of the biggest charity events that our town holds, and it's pretty serious.

I've been rehearsing for three months, and the event is actually a month away.

It's been a lot of fun, but dancing is so much harder than everyone thinks!


Want to help Maci raise money? You can sponsor her with a donation to the Kidney Foundation! The dance will be held on September 14.

Would you watch her on Dancing With the Stars?


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