'Bachelorette' Desiree Hartsock May Have an Ulterior Motive for Staying Engaged

desiree hartsock with finace chris siegfriedJust two weeks after the After the Final Rose special aired, Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried appear to be the two happiest lovebirds to ever move in together. But even though Des made the big move to Seattle for her fiance and seems hell-bent on having her fairy tale happy ending, there are already rumblings that a split may be on the horizon. Not exactly surprising, considering the series of events that led up to the duo getting engaged.

Still, I wouldn't put my money on a breakup being riiight around the corner. In fact, I'd venture to guess that Des would want to hold off on calling it quits until she does at least ONE thing ...


Launch her new bridal company, of course!

The reality show star tweeted late last week:

For soon to be BRIDES..I will have my blog- website up soon! ;) Ideas, advice, stories, theme boards, designs, etc. #staytuned #bridalbliss

And this isn't the first time she's mentioned that her new career focus in Seattle will be starting her own bridal biz. She told Today.com:

My entire dream for many, many years is to design my own bridal gown collection. I can design anywhere I want to be and I can be creative so that's what I plan to do [in Seattle].

Now that it really seems to be coming together and she has national visibility as the most recent Bachelorette, do you really think she'll risk it all by ending her engagement? Splitting with Chris would be like poison to this career move! Because, come on, wouldn't brides prefer to get ideas, advice, designs, etc., from someone who is happily engaged vs. sad and recently broken up? (Consider Vera Wang's recent divorce; I'm sure that dealt something of a blow to her brand!)

That said, even if Des and Chris are on the rocks, or close to it, I wouldn't be surprised if they stuck it out juuuust as long as it takes for Des to get the ball rolling on her new professional endeavor. A breakup would be too bad for her biz to bear!

How much do you think Desiree's new career move factors into her relationship?


Image via ABC

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