7 Ridiculous Ways the 'Princesses: Long Island' Waste Their Daddies' Money (PHOTOS)

Casey Rackham | Aug 20, 2013 TV
7 Ridiculous Ways the 'Princesses: Long Island' Waste Their Daddies' Money (PHOTOS)

princesses long islandIt's no surprise that the fabulously rich ladies from Princesses: Long Island know how to spend their parents' money. In fact, they've pretty much mastered it.

Some of the women might have a tighter grip on their daddy's wallet (ahem, I'm looking at you, Ashlee), but I'm sure they've all had their fair share of expensive "gifts" from their beloved parents. I mean, almost all of them live at home, so they're already mooching off of their parents in one way or another.

From nail treatments to extravagant parties to jewelry on jewelry on jewelry, these Long Island ladies have no shame in letting their daddies treat them like the princesses they think they are. Lucky for us, most of them like to show off their bling and new purchases on Instagram. Take a look at all their shiny toys!

How often do you think our princesses spend their own money?

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  • Once a Princess, Always a Princess

  • Nail Art


    Image via Instagram

    Amanda Bertoncini definitely knows how to bling out her nails. She's taken her "princess" accessories to the next level! They're almost as ridiculous as Kylie Jenner's nail piercing.


  • Unnecessary Items


    Image via Instagram

    Ashlee White is the princess of shoes, and if the position of queen of shoes were open, she'd take it. I mean, she refuses to wear shoes that aren't high heels; that's a serious diva move. But these Dior beach heels are almost too much to handle. Heels at the beach? That's practical.

  • Shoes


    Image via Instagram

    Runner-up in the shoe category is Princess Casey. She might not have spent a whole episode buying an insane amount of shoes with her daddy's credit card like Princess Ashlee did, but if she paid full price for these, um, colorful Brian Atwood heels, the total would have come to almost $500. Wowza!

  • Jewelry


    Image via Instagram

    I can't help but lol at this picture. I've never seen someone so totally covered in shiny diamonds. Erica's tiara might be fake (I hope!), but all that other jewelry looks like it must have cost a pretty penny.

  • Phone Accessories


    Image via Instagram

    I hate to break it to you, Amanda, but I don't think that Chanel case is going to protect your phone. But then again, she probably didn't buy the case to do any protecting ...

  • Birthday Cakes


    Image via Instagram

    Well, this has to be one of the most extravagant cakes that I have ever seen. Ashlee's cake is absolutely beautiful, but holy hell, this must have cost a fortune to make! But then again, this is Ashlee we're talking about. Her Daddy Warbucks paid for an over-the-top birthday party for his little princess that was full of almost naked men with bowls of hummus strapped to their bodies.

  • Designer Bags


    Image via Instagram

    Looks like Erica's got her hands full with a nice Prada bag, which is pretty much the norm in the world of our fabulous princesses. (And let's not forget about the gigantic diamond ring sitting on her pretty finger.)

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