7 Ridiculous Ways the 'Princesses: Long Island' Waste Their Daddies' Money (PHOTOS)

princesses long islandIt's no surprise that the fabulously rich ladies from Princesses: Long Island know how to spend their parents' money. In fact, they've pretty much mastered it.

Some of the women might have a tighter grip on their daddy's wallet (ahem, I'm looking at you, Ashlee), but I'm sure they've all had their fair share of expensive "gifts" from their beloved parents. I mean, almost all of them live at home, so they're already mooching off of their parents in one way or another.

From nail treatments to extravagant parties to jewelry on jewelry on jewelry, these Long Island ladies have no shame in letting their daddies treat them like the princesses they think they are. Lucky for us, most of them like to show off their bling and new purchases on Instagram. Take a look at all their shiny toys!


How often do you think our princesses spend their own money?

Image via Bravo

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