'Real Housewives of Miami' Recap: Adriana De Moura Needs a Reality Check

Adriana De MouraOh boy, what an episode of The Real Housewives of Miami that was. From Alexia Echevarria's ridiculous closet remodeling scene (did she seriously tumble onto the bed with her designer in ecstasy?) to Lisa Hochstein giving her maid plastic surgery as a bonus for a job well done, it's clear these women are not living in the real world. Not that Real Housewives ever are, but Miami takes things up a notch and then some.

The prize for most delusional and least grounded of them all, however, has got to go to Adriana De Moura. She claims that just because she didn't feel married, it means she wasn't married. When pressed, she admitted that there was more than just a marriage license as she tries to make everyone believe, there was an actual wedding. But never mind that, it wasn't the one of her dreams, so it doesn't count ... according to her.


She simply can't understand why no else gets this, or why it would piss off her former best friend Lea Black whom she's been lying to all these years.

Last week I was slightly torn as to whom I believed in this whole mess, but tonight I jumped firmly on Team Lea, because Adriana seems like an ungrateful, spoiled brat. Lea helped her out because she thought she was a single, struggling mom, but she wasn't. She was married.

As Lea pointed out, she would have helped her anyway had she known that she was married. It's the fact that she lied about it though that makes her feel like she was duped. "Why would you lie to me like that?" she asked. Adriana had no answer and started spouting off about Lea's draconian ways and accusing her of plotting her demise. (Adriana's nothing if not dramatic.)

She never stopped to apologize and acknowledge the help that Lea has given her over the years, rather she just kept attacking her and accused her of planting articles in the press about her secret marriage. Lea denied it, but does it really matter? She lied for six years about being married. I'd be pissed too.

The episode ended with Adriana storming out and standing in the pouring rain while she tried to call a cab. Lea went after her with an umbrella, and we'll have to wait until next week to see if they keep fighting, begin to reconcile, or break out into a song-and dance number -- with RHOM, anything could happen. 

Team Lea or Team Adriana?


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