‘Downton Abbey’ Season 4 Photos Reveal Lady Mary's HAWT New Prospects

downton abbey season 4Is it Monday afternoon? Well then! Clearly it's time to brew ourselves a cup of tea and look at Downton Abbey season 4 cast photos. Of course, it'll still be months and months before we see any of these scenes in action. (Why no, I'm not resentful at all, PBS!) But we can still enjoy teensy little glimpses of what's to come. And you know what else? Maybe I'll cut out some of these photos to make my very own Downton Abbey paper dolls so I can act out scenes of what I think happens in the next season. Because guess who's here? Aw yeah, Mary's two boyfriends, Sir Anthony Gillingham and Charles Blake. Plus, give it up for the third hottie of season 4, jazz musician Jack Ross. Ladies, your man candy has arrived.

Check out these sneak peeks at Downton and guess what they reveal about the next season.