'Breaking Bad': The Real Reason Skyler's Standing By Her Man (So Far)

Breaking BadHave you been watching the Breaking Bad after show, Talking Bad? I haven't checked it out yet, because 1) I've got recaps to write, son, and 2) I'm sort of instantly annoyed by host Chris Hardwick whenever he appears on camera. Sorry, Hardwick. I'm sure you're a perfectly nice guy who doesn't remotely deserved to get punched in the kisser on a regular basis.

I might have to start tuning in, though, because this week's Talking Bad sounds like it was well worth the viewing. Hardwick had Aaron Paul (who plays Jesse Pinkman) and Anna Gunn (Skyler White) on the show, and both actors shared some fascinating insights about last night's episode. For instance, I thought I had a pretty good idea why the episode was titled "Buried" -- but Gunn has another explanation that sheds serious light on her character's motivations.

(Spoilers ahead!)


Let's start with what Aaron Paul shared about Jesse Pinkman and his relationship with Walt. Of the friendship they once had, Paul said,

I think it's pretty damaged, I don't think there's any sort of turning back. He wants to stay as far away from that man as possible.

Paul also explained that Jesse's friendship with Mike meant a lot to him, and Walt's act of sending Mike to, um, Belize, was unforgivable:

You could see from the very beginning Jesse when you first meet Jesse he just seems like this kind of lost kid, druggie burnout but as more layers were revealed he was really just on a constant search of some guidance. (...) He wanted a fatherly figure and he was desperately holding on to Walt to give him that, but he wasn't really getting it. And when Mike and Jesse were paired up, it was a good team and he felt comfortable there and he felt somewhat safer than hanging out with Walt in a way.

Anna Gunn discussed that awful scene in which her character fights with Marie over baby Holly:

It was for both Betsy and I really heartbreaking because her motive was extremely strong to get that baby out of there, she believed in that. My motive was obviously very strong to keep my child there. So it's an awful place for (Skyler) to be, but obviously that's her child and she is going to fight like hell to keep her child in her house.

As for why Skyler chose to stand by Walt instead of turning him over to Hank, Gunn says it was out of loyalty to the man she married, rather than a desire to save her own skin:

I've always felt that there was a deeply buried love that stayed behind the whole thing. I think that if she hadn't felt that, my feeling is that she would've turned him.

And there we have our episode title, which can really mean so much: the obvious money in the desert, Jesse's dead-man-walking despair, Skyler's lingering love for Walt, Skyler's own just-surfacing arc which I suspect will ultimately include a dramatic reversal of the White family power dynamic.

There are only six more episodes of this final season, and Gunn had a hell of an answer to the question of whether or not the actors were satisfied with how the series ends:

Absolutely. When I read that last episode I was astonished, as I was when in the finale of every season. I could not believe how authentically and how truthfully it came together and I felt that it was astonishing that every single character ends the way that they should.

What do you think will happen between Skyler and Walt in these last episodes?

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