Kailyn Lowry Decides to Be a Stay-at-Home Mom

Teen MomTeen Mom star Kailyn Lowry is quitting her job as a dental assistant in Pennsylvania even though she loves it and she makes a good amount of money. Cue the Internet freak-out! It's true that money was tight for Kailyn on the show and some may wonder where she is going to be getting her paychecks now, but let's recall that Lowry is married and her husband Javi Marroquin makes money from his job with the U.S. Air Force.

Plus, let's also recall: Kailyn is pregnant. In fact, she is around seven months pregnant by my estimation and that is right around the time when pregnancy starts to get hard. It wouldn't be shocking at all if she is quitting partially because she can, partially because it sounds like they might move, but also because the reality is, she doesn't have a ton of other options.

Let's face it: Childcare probably costs more than she makes and I am guessing she doesn't get a maternity leave. It's pretty depressing to have a new baby in the U.S.


I have no idea as to the particulars of Kailyn's job. Maybe she is one of the few lucky ones who gets a great paid maternity leave of 12+ weeks. Maybe she has options for childcare that DON'T cost upward of $24,000 a year. But I know I don't have those things and I have a lot more education and a full-time (not part-time) job.

The reality is, most working pregnant women, especially those working part-time jobs that require less education, are faced with not being sure whether their salaries will even cover childcare.

These aren't good choices. So, yes, Kailyn quit her job, but let's not pretend that is anything like the bad life choices that Jenelle Evans makes or anyone like her. For a new mom, there aren't that many options that support both career/job and children.

It's a sad fact.

Kailyn isn't one to make irresponsible decisions. If she quit her job, let's assume it's for a good reason.

Do you think moms have it hard in the workplace?


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