New 'DWTS' Casting Rumor Is So Hot We'll Die if It Isn't True


Ahhh! We only have about a month to go before the premiere of Dancing With the Stars season 17, and I don't know about you, but I'm going crazy with anticipation over who will make the cast list!

And while there have been a few rumors here and there citing a few possibilities, like Paula Deen, Jon Gosselin, and possibly even a Glee star -- a new hottie has been thrown into the mix. Now I really don't know whether to get a paper bag and start hyperventilating or jump for joy.

Are you ready for this one? You'd better sit down.


Based on a tweet posted by Huffington Post's Megan Griffo, there's a decent chance that none other than a beloved Full House star could wind up gracing us with his presence in the ballroom this time around.

She simply said, "Yogurt spokesperson is the new 'Dancing With the Stars' contestant."

And since John Stamos is the spokesperson for Dannon Oikos yogurt right now, hearts are already fluttering at the possibility of him being part of the season 17 cast. (Have mercy ...)

But as much as we'd all lurrrrvvvve to see John in a pair of super-tight pants -- there is another person that tweet could be referring to. Yep, Jamie Lee Curtis. She's the Activia gal. And at least we know she's regular, so I guess she's got that working in her favor. But OMG let's hope it's Stamos!

As for other new casting rumors? Well, they're not quite as exciting as Uncle Jesse, but I guess we can mention 'em.

Survivor contestant Eddie Fox tweeted something about being on the show. (Who?)

Another rumor involves former Red Sox star Jason Varitek and his wife Catherine. She posted a photo of the two of them on Twitter with the caption: "RT: If you think my husband should try out for @DancingABC .. I mean, it is for charity right? #DancingCaptain" (And it's one of the grossest photos I've ever seen. Gag. Barf. Hurl.)

That's all I've got right now, kids. But the Stamos thing should be enough to tide you over until more rumors leak -- or until the new DWTS cast is finally announced on GMA on September 4.

Do you think John Stamos would be a good addition to the cast?


Image via ABC

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