'Walking Dead' Season 4: Daryl's New Rumored Romance Is Just Plain WRONG (VIDEO)

Walking Dead season 4The fun thing about obsessing over a television show that's off the air between seasons is that you can imagine all SORTS of potential future scenarios for your favorite characters. Take The Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon, for instance: when I'm not pondering the possibility that he'll be killed off, I'm wondering who he's going to be shacking up with.

Rumors are swirling that our favorite varmint-snacking redneck will in fact have a love interest in season 4, and while I'm generally all in favor of any story that eventually leads to Daryl making out with someone so I can mentally replace that person's face with my own, I cannot picture this particular hookup happening. Like, at ALL. 


There's been an interesting vibe going on between Carol and Daryl during the last two seasons, and plenty of fans (including myself) are in favor of seeing those two cross the friend boundary. (I just really feel like Carol deserves some hot monkey sex with Daryl, you know?) When creator/executive producer Robert Kirkman was asked if Daryl would ever have a romantic interest on the show, he said:

Never say never! I think that it could happen eventually. I wouldn't want to spoil anything, but Daryl is a complex character and he's really got a lot of emotional hurdles to get over in his life. It is kind of odd that we haven't seen him in that kind of romantic light, but I think that adds a layer to the character that makes him a little more mysterious and a little cooler. But I wouldn't rule out some kind of love interest for him in the future.

Word on the street is that this person could be ... Beth.

Yes. BETH. As in, you know, BETH. The girl who carries Lil' Asskicker around and who seems to be the target of Carl's puppy-dog eyes. The character who's supposed to be all of 17 years old.

I'm thinking the age difference alone makes this an unlikely rumor, but it's true that there's a quick flash of something going on at the 3:52 mark of the season 4 trailer. Watch and see if you notice Beth seeming to cozy up to Daryl:

Comicbook.com did a recent Q&A with actor Norman Reedus where they flat-out asked him if Beth was going to be taken with Daryl in season 4. Here's how he responded:

I can’t tell you that, but god she’s cute so fingers crossed.

Norman, you dirty bird, she's not even legal. Although maybe that doesn't matter as much during the apocalypse? Anyway, here's hoping that any crush-type situations aren't reciprocal because come on, BETH? BETH, when there's a perfectly good CAROL standing nearby? Get with the program, Dixon.

What do you think about a Beth/Daryl pairing on The Walking Dead?

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