'Teen Mom 3' Mackenzie Douthit Is Pregnant With Baby Number 2

Mackenzie DouthitTeen Mom 3's Mackenzie Douthit hasn't even had her show premiere yet (it starts August 26) and she is ALREADY making major headlines. It turns out, she is pregnant with baby number two AND she is married to Joshua McKee, the father of her first baby Gannon.

Douthit confirmed on both Facebook and Twitter that she is 12 weeks along with baby number two, and while that is very exciting, there could also be some complications. Douthit suffers from Type 1 diabetes. It used to be called juvenile diabetes, and it's so bad that her doctors actually initially wanted her to abort Gannon. When he was born four weeks early, he was already close to 10 pounds. So what does that mean for pregnancy number two?


It likely means a lot of monitoring. Douthit has said in the past that she had to have ultrasounds three times a week with Gannon to measure him and make sure he wasn't getting too big. Some may judge her for getting pregnant again so quickly given the danger and her age (she is 18), but maybe it's the best thing.

As someone who was pregnant at 28 for the first and at 35 for the third, I can attest to the fact that pregnancy gets harder as you age. By getting her pregnancies out of the way earlier, she might be saving her body from a lot of pain later. On the other hand, pregnancy can be very hard on the body and she is young and resilient now, but she won't be forever. Is this going to take its toll?

If I were her mom, I know I would be very concerned about her.

For now, I am sure her doctors are monitoring her carefully and she has clearly decided to go forward with the pregnancy given her Facebook status:

And yes. For everyone wondering, im 12 weeks pregnant....Time to tell the truth.

It's time to be happy for her. And who knows, this could be educational from the show's perspective. Seeing a woman struggle like this with her pregnancy will definitely make for some learning experiences.

Mackenzie is going to have to be extra careful with how she eats and how she takes care of herself this pregnancy. It's no joke. It's also going to be hard on her body given how recent her last pregnancy was. There are no cakes and no cookies for her. Still, she knows how to do this. She has done it once.

Let's just hope she takes good care of herself. Congratulations to the couple.

Do you think this is dangerous?


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