AshLee Frazier & Jef Holm's New 'Business Relationship' Can Only Mean One Thing

AshLee FrazierIt's not clear what exactly the status of their relationship is, but AshLee Frazier and Jef Holm definitely have some sort of partnership going on right now -- leaving us to wonder how and when the two of them got so chummy.

Get this one -- AshLee is helping pimp out Jef's People Water business. (Oh yes, she is.) She posted this photo of herself on Instagram taking a nice long swig from a People Water bottle and captioned it with, "Saving lives one bottle at a time. Thank you." Ash also wrote more about the water on her blog, My Love It Life, which explained the benefits of drinking it in further detail.

Wait a minute -- AshLee has a blog? Who does she think she is, Emily Maynard?

Apparently so.


Seriously -- what's the deal with AshLee getting involved with Em's exes in one way or another? (It's almost eerie. Like she wants to BE her or something.)

First she tried her hardest to nail down an engagement ring from Sean Lowe. We all know things didn't quite go in her favor, considering how irate she was when he dumped her.

But then after Sean's season ended, all of a sudden, pictures of AshLee and Brad Womack looking all cozy together surfaced, which made us all assume the two of them were an item. They haven't been seen together in quite some time, so that little fling is probably dunzo.

Are you following me? So far that's two of Emily's exes that Ash has made a play for.

Cue the third -- Jef Holm. What the heck is going on here? Ok, so I get that there's a good chance they've bumped into each other on more than one occasion at Bachelor and Bachelorette related functions -- but now they're suddenly business partners? Ash doesn't strike me as the humanitarian type, so there has to be a bigger reason why she's willing to help promote Jef's biz, right?

I hate to say it, but based on how many Bachelor/Bachelorette dudes she's been linked to, it's almost like she's determined to score a final rose any way she can -- even if it doesn't happen on TV. As of now, it looks like there's nothing romantic going on with Jef, but how many women do you know who have met dudes at work and one thing led to another, yada, yada, yada? There's always the chance that more could blossom out of this little partnership they've got going on, and something tells me she just might be counting on it.

Stay tuned. And if things don't pan out with Jef? I give it a month or two before she's linked to Drew Kenney or Zak Waddell.

Do you think there's anything going on between AshLee and Jef?


Image via Instagram

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