'Real Housewives of Miami' Season 3 Premiere Recap: Lea Black Has It Out for Adriana De Moura

Lea BlackI'd pretty much given up on The Real Housewives of Miami after the first two dreadful seasons, but tonight the season 3 premiere (which I would have argued never should have happened) was actually surprisingly gripping. The main feud is between Lea Black and Adriana De Moura, and it's intense.

I'm just not sure whose side I'm choosing. At first it seemed Lea had plenty of reasons to be pissed at Adriana. She's helped her over the years, buying expensive jewelry and art from her because she knew she was a single mom struggling to support herself and her son. So it was easy to see how news that Adriana has actually been secretly married for the past five years and was lying about it infuriated Lea. That on top of Adriana not defending her at the reunion last season, and Lea was justifiably bitter ... or so it seemed.


Adriana had another story (of course) and claimed that Lea knew that she was married, and she was just claiming not to know to hurt her. She also made a good point when she said Lea didn't have her back when she went up against Joanna Kruppa.

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Marysol Patton backed Adriana up and said bluntly, "Lea lies all the time." She said that when Lea "lost control of Adriana," she was ready to cross her off, and this is her way of doing so.

Hmmm, whom to believe? My gut says Lea, because really, how weird is it to hide the fact that you're married just because you haven't had a ceremony? But who knows when it comes to these ladies.

After Marysol let the ladies know of her mother's serious health condition (get well, Elsa!) after a brain hemorrhage, they all agreed their fighting was petty. Joanna and Adriana made up (again), and they all toasted to sisterhood. Lea, however, wasn't there, so she wasn't in on the goodwill, and a faceoff between her and Adriana is still eminent.

Previews for the rest of the season look intense. And though I'm afraid to get my hopes up too much, I will dare say that I think RHOM may actually be worth watching this season.

Whom do you believe -- Lea Black or Adriana De Moura?


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