'Teen Mom 3' Recap: Alex Needs Matt Like a Hole in the Head

Teen Mom 3 Alex SekellaThe tagline for Teen Mom 3 may be "Mondays are a mother," but the premiere of the new show gave us a whole lot of daddy drama. The fathers of Katie Yeager's, Briana DeJesus's, Alex Sekella's, and Mackenzie Douthit's babies are all in their lives in varying degrees. And they're all creating trouble.

The worst of them just might be Matt McCann, father to Alex's daughter Arabella. Fresh out of rehab for drug addiction, Matt has popped back into his girlfriend's life and moved into her mom's home. But while Alex is working three jobs to make ends meet, and trying to get her diploma online, he can barely clean up his own dishes after eating.


Even Matt himself admits that rehab wasn't enough to change him, and it's obvious when he convinces Alex to hit up his old haunts where he used to buy drugs. He's obviously excited to see drug dealers all around them, even saying he's more comfortable out there in the bad part of town than he is at her house.

Although you never see him actually buying, he seems shifty when explaining to Alex what he spent money on in a store while she waited in the car.

Whether he was buying or not, he clearly doesn't have her or their daughter's best interests at heart. Worse, there is a clear mistrust issue going on for these two, and that is not good for a mom who is trying to raise her child.

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It's nice that Alex's mom is willing to give Matt a chance and let him live with them, but they need to get rid of him! Fast!

Not that Matt is the only one screwing up. Katie's boyfriend Joey Maes got into an accident in her car on tonight's episode, and then he left the scene! Although it seems like he wasn't at fault, Katie can't get him to call the other driver -- his aunt -- so she has to take matters into her own hands, calling the cops. Turns out Joey came thisclose to getting a ticket for leaving the scene.

Then there's Devoin Austin, Briana's ex, who took to Twitter with a series of rants. He calls her a whore and a slut. The mother of his child!

Josh McKee is the only baby daddy who doesn't seem like a total loser on this show, although he reminds me a lot of Maci Bookout's (now) ex-boyfriend Ryan Edwards -- at least the way he acted back in the day. He doesn't seem like a bad guy so much as a little confused about what the heck he's supposed to be doing with his girlfriend and son.

What should Alex do with Matt? Should he stay in the house?


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