Harry Styles Twerks at Teen Choice Awards Then Immediately Regrets It (VIDEO)

Harry Styles twerk

Ha! Sooooo, Harry Styles twerked at the Teen Choice Awards last night, and as you can only guess -- this is major news. Yep. With his One Direction band mate Zayn Malik and singer Ed Sheeran looking on (and cracking up), Harry got up out of his seat and proceeded to shake what his mama gave him. Then of course he got all embarrassed and regretted showing off his moves after the show.

Duh. Do I really have to spell it out for you? Harry Styles twerked and Twitter went wild. There were videos. There were GIFs. And almost immediately #HarryDroppedThatThunThunThun was trending.

And then poor Harry tweeted: "Note to self. Don't 'twerk.'"


Want to see what all the fuss was about? Here ya go.


Um, totally precious, right? (Yes, it's true. I have a soft spot for the One Direction dudes even though I'm a 36-year-old married mom. Don't judge.)

Even though this is a moment Harry will probably never live down, doesn't he realize that he's Harry Styles, for crying out loud -- which means he can proudly shake his ass whenever the urge strikes him? (Gah. If only the rest of us were that lucky.) He has no reason to feel humiliated over his brief lapse of self-control, but based on his Twitter post, it's obvious he was beyond mortified.

Aww. The poor dude. Guess we shouldn't expect to see any fancy dance moves from him on future awards shows. (Damn.)

What do you think of Harry's twerking skills?


Image via MeganLovesBieber8/YouTube

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