'Sister Wives' Recap: Kody Might Have a Favorite Wife After All (VIDEO)

sister wivesSo, besides the whole morbid curiosity regarding jealous freakouts we were talking about earlier today, the OTHER big reason why we all tune in to Sister Wives every week (admit it!) is in an ongoing attempt to figure out which Sister Wife Kody loves best. Because, come on. We're all adults here: It's just not even close to possible for a mortal man to love each of his four mortal wives the exact same. It's just not! (As for the 17 -- give or take a few -- kids, well, I ain't touching that one with a 17 -- give or take a few -- foot pole.) 

Anyway. On tonight's episode of Sister Wives, "Odd Wife Out," we got our answer ... 


Well, sorta. It's not exactly like Kody made a big announcement or anything, like, "Girls, I've been thinking about it, and guess what? My favorite wife is ... " (Unfortunately. That woulda rocked.) Instead, we got some serious clues from a rather unexpected source -- some contractor working on the family's new homes. After hanging out around Kody and his spouses for a while, he said he was in the unique position to make some interesting observations: With Janelle, Kody is all business; with Meri, Kody is chilled out; with Christine, Kody is upbeat; and with Robyn, Kody is in loooooooooooove.  

Sure, as the contractor says, that's probably because Kody and Robyn are still in "the honeymoon" phase, comparatively speaking. But maybe there's more to it than that? 

Check out the wives in action tonight, and then tell us ...  

Do you think Robyn is Kody's favorite wife?


Image via TLC

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