'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Recap: Kris Jenner Shows Kim Kardashian Is Her Favorite Once Again

Kris JennerThere was a lot going on tonight on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Between Khloe's sexy photo shoot for Lamar, Operation Putting Green, and the general chaos that surrounded Kris Jenner getting ready for Kim, Kanye West, and their new baby to move in, things were hectic in the Kardashian manse.

Poor Kylie was forced to eat her lunch in the car because she couldn't find peace and quiet anywhere else. Bruce Jenner was totally fed up that the little space Kris has granted him was being taken over too as Kris tried to create some Zen spa for the baby.

So when tension levels peaked, Kris jumped in to save the day ... or something like that. 


She rented a beach house for the summer. Not for the logical reason -- so Kim, Kanye, and their new baby could stay there. But rather so Kylie, Kendall, and her husband, Bruce, could. Meanwhile, she planned to stay comfortably in her own home. 

If anything she has ever done says, "My world revolves around Kim, and the rest of you are mere distractions," this was pretty much it. I can't believe Bruce and the girls weren't outraged by her move -- she didn't even run it by Bruce! Why should they be forced to move out of their own home so that queen Kim and her family can invade theirs? Sure it was a gorgeous place on the beach, but the motive behind it is sickening. Kim is a grown woman with gazillions of dollars -- why can't she rent her own place instead of making her whole family evacuate?

Almost as ridiculous was Kris claiming that Bruce makes her look like an asshole. I'm pretty confident she does a good enough job of that herself. I wish Bruce had gotten his putting green; it's really sad that he's that scared of her that he had to thwart the whole plan. Maybe if they'd somehow gotten Kim's face imprinted on it, Kris would have liked it?

Bruce says he's going to work on trying to take some of the power back in their relationship. Good luck with that, Bruiser.

Did you think it's outrageous that Kris rented a home for Kylie, Kendall, and Bruce?


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