'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Teresa Giudice & Jacqueline Laurita Make Up

Joe and Teresa GiudiceAll of this reconciliation and healing on The Real Housewives of New Jersey is getting hard to take. It's just such a shock after the years of drama and deep wounds, especially when it came to Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita making peace tonight. 

Last week it looked like there was no way their meeting was going anywhere good. I mean, how could it what with Teresa calling her evil and all? Well, somehow it did, and quicker than we knew it, they were all civil and swilling back wine together with their husbands, who also made up. It's just one big love fest in Jersey, I tell you.


Jacqueline did get it off her mind that Teresa really hurt her when she told people that Jacqueline should worry less about Twitter and more about her son. Teresa actually apologized, and they agreed to be civil to one another. That almost all blew to hell when they were on their way to Teresa's charity Zumba event and she learned the meaning of the word Jacqueline had used to describe her -- sociopath.

Somehow they moved past that, and neither of the Gorgas even violently erupted when one of Teresa's daughters imitated a stripper on the limo's pole and said, "I'm Melissa." If that's not peace, I don't know what is.

How long any of these reconciliations will last is anyone's guess. But if things keep going like they are, it's going to be one tame reunion show.

The best part tonight was seeing Joe Gorga and Gia Giudice begin to rebuild their relationship. She's so mature and didn't let him off easy, but you can tell she really loves him. It was hard to watch, however, knowing of the Giudices' current legal predicament and what that could mean for her and her sisters.

Speaking of mature kids ... wow has Jacqueline's daughter Ashlee Holmes grown up or what? When Jacqueline flew out to Los Angeles, Ashlee was unrecognizable both physically and mentally. Gone was the snotty little brat, and instead she seems to have pulled her life together. Good for her. But how weird was it that during Jacqueline's tummy tuck, her surgeon was talking about how hot Ashlee is? That was almost as gross as seeing Jacqueline's tattooed skin laying there on the table. Ewww! That we did NOT need to see.

Do you think Jacqueline and Teresa's reconciliation will last?


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