'Bachelorette' Insider Secrets Reveal the Truth About Desiree & Chris

chris siegfried proposing to desiree hartsock bachelorette season 9Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock's boxes may be packed and on their way to her new Seattle love nest with now-fiance Chris Siegfried. But the rest of the country's still buzzing about what went down on Des's stunning season finale ... and how we're not quite sure whether or not the couple -- who clearly got engaged under unconventional circumstances! -- have what it takes to make it.

If anyone knows the answer to that, it's host Chris Harrison, right? He agreed to talk to E! under the pretense that he imagined "someone's holding a gun to your head and you are strapped to a polygraph machine while pinky-swearing every fan of Bachelor Nation." Haa! Here, five brutally honest "realities," if you will, Harrison revealed about Des's engagement and possible future as Mrs. Siegfried ...

  1. Des actually loves Chris. Reminded that he was speaking with a virtual gun to his head and strapped to a polygraph machine, Harrison was asked whether he believes Des is actually in love with Chris? His response: "I do, yes." He adds, "The fact that she's willing to leave Hollywood and chase him up to Seattle tells a lot. That is very telling." Good point!
  2. The proposal was just as unexpected to producers as it was to us. Harrison admits, "When I saw what happened with Brooks, I was just as skeptical as everyone else. ... We had fully embraced the fact that we were not going to have a proposal. Our show had never been predicated on the fact that it's always successful. We were thinking, 'How to we soft land this plane that has no landing gear?' And then a week later, we were standing in a room, watching this proposal. Our producer turned to me and said, 'How did that happen?!' And I said, 'I have no idea.' We were in shock. I can't tell you how unproduced it was. We were not expecting it and that's why we had this crazy good proposal."
  3. Still, Harrison isn't convinced the two will actually get married. Here's where the host with the most really lets it all hang out. He leveled with E!, saying, "Let's be honest. What are the odds? Most [Bachelor/Bachelorette] relationships don't make it down the aisle. They just don't. We've been on a good run lately with Ashley and J.P., and I'm full convinced Sean and Catherine are going to get married soon. But married? I don't know. The odds are no, but you never know. These past few weeks they have been phenomenal off-camera, I've seen them. And what happened on the show has really only made them stronger." Hmm ... But still, doesn't sound like they're solid as they'd have us believe though, huh?
  4. Des could have walked away if she wanted to. Harrison explains that when Brooks left, they didn't push her or force her to stay and get engaged to either Drew or Chris. Producers realized it could have really been over for Des. "We were really going to embrace her saying goodbye," Harrison reveals. "For our fans, everyone is so savvy now, everything gets out, they would have found out if we had forced her to do this. We can't get away with it, not on our show, anyway." Good to know.
  5. How did Brooks really feel about Des? Harrison had no trouble saying how he really feels about the hairy heartbreaker's hangups. "There's just things that happened and things he said that made me believe he's not ready to actually settle down," he explained. "I don't think it was just that he didn't feel strong enough for Des, it was his own issues." I'd buy that!

Are you surprised to hear Chris Harrison doesn't think Des & Chris will make it down the aisle?


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