Kailyn Lowry's Wedding Registry Announcement Blows Up in Her Face

Kailyn Lowry Javi MarroquinUgh. Poor Kailyn Lowry! The Teen Mom doesn't tend to talk a lot about her private life, and now we know why. The excited bride-to-be shared her wedding registry with fans earlier this week in a rare moment of openness, and now it has bitten her in the behind! If you're looking to buy Kailyn and Javi Marroquin a gift, you best be careful -- there's a fake wedding registry out there now.

Any of hundreds of gifts purchased off of it would go to Georgia, but Kail and Javi still live in the Northeast!


Kailyn warned fans about the fake the same way she opened up about the real registry -- on Twitter. She says a woman named Crystal Perez set it up, and she added hundreds of gifts, apparently looking to scam the reality star's fans.

And people wonder why Kailyn generally keeps so quiet about her life? THIS is why, people! Because there are nutballs out there who set up fake wedding registries (and worse)! Kail admitted to The Stir that she would have actually made her own registry private, but she couldn't find an option to do so (hello, Bed, Bath & Beyond ... are you listening?).

Instead, she went public, and this happened.

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The largess of the fake alone should set off warning bells for fans. Kailyn is known for being pretty down-to-earth, and her real registry reflects that well -- it's on the small side, and the items are all useful, the prices within reason.

Kailyn has tangled with Bed, Bath & Beyond, and it seems the fake is gone ... and hopefully none will pop up in its place. But if you're a fan who had plans to help the Teen Mom celebrate her nuptials, here's your buyer beware warning for the day: things may not be what they seem!

Are you surprised that someone would do this to Kailyn or was it only a matter of time?


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