'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' Recap: Pumpkin's Feet Are a Serious Problem! (VIDEO)

honey boo booUm, is anybody else, like, legit worried about Sugar Bear?? Here's the thing: If you tuned in to Here Comes Honey Boo Boo last night for your weekly dose of noisy bodily functions, crazy ketchup concoctions, and fun with roadkill, you didn't get it. I mean, you got a little bit of it, but mostly you got something you totally weren't looking for at all: An authentically emotional and -- dare I say -- sweet?! experience. Cause while we did get a taste of the usual Honey Boo Boo hilarity in the form of some stinky foot dress shopping and a kid-thrown bridal shower for reluctant wife-to-be Mama June, we mostly got all verklempt over Sugar Bear's painful bout of pancreatitis


Poor Sugar Bear. And making the whole thing even more upsetting? The knowledge that as of now, Mama June's main squeeze, Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson, is being tested all over the place for a "mystery ailment," which causes him to pass out. On Monday, June tweeted:

Plz keep sugarbear in your prayers we r headed to the Mayo Clinic for his black out spells hes been having & no answers 

Oh no!! See, just thinking about what the family is going through makes all that onscreen commitment ceremony preparation stuff almost too poignant. But anyway. Like I said, there were a few hearty laughs to be had last night. A few of my favorite quotes:

"You forgot about the girl who smells like fish." (Pumpkin, pointing out an omission on the commitment ceremony guest list)

"Dress shopping was derailed by Pumpkin's stink, stank, stunk feet." (Mama June)

"My feet smell like fine cheese." (Pumpkin)

Dang, Pumpkin's feet kinda stole the show last night! Here's hoping Sugar Bear is back to his old sugary self soon ...

What did you think of last night's episode of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo?

Image via TLC

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