Slade Smiley May Be the Meanest Real Housewife of Them All

real housewives slade smileyOn the season finale of Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki Gunvalson went completely ballistic on Slade Slimey Smiley, and we couldn't blame her. He made fun of her per usual, and instead of just brushing it off her shoulder, Vicki gave him a piece of her mind.

Vicki might have been the one screeching yelling, but you couldn't help but feel that Slade was the true troublemaker. Is it just me or is Slade getting nastier each episode? Obviously the Housewives are known for talking about each other every second of every day, but Slade looks like he's trying to get nominated by Bravo for "Bitchiest Mean Girl of Them All." And you know what? At this rate, he would totally win.


Ever since Slade decided it would be a good idea to call Vicki cruel names, like "Miss Piggy" and "Tupperware Face," he has increasingly become the biggest name-caller on the show. And Alexis Bellino thinks she knows why he constantly attacks the women: Slade wants more camera time. Here's what Alexis had to say about his behavior towards women:

I don't know that it's to all women, it just seems to be to the group of women who hang in this group. He's never been rude to me, personally, other than things he's said on his radio show that involved me, that I was unappreciative about. I don't know if he wants the camera time, but he definitely goes after this group of girls.

If that's true, then how pathetic is that? 

Whether Slade has ulterior motives and is just trying to have his 15 minutes, or if he actually is a mean person, he shouldn't be criticizing the ladies' looks. Sure, talking trash is part of the game on any Real Housewives show, but Slade takes it way too far. By calling Vicki names based on her appearance and by telling Lydia that she "need[s] to eat a cheeseburger," he's lowering their self-esteem and making them judge their own bodies. In fact, it's been rumored that his negative words led Vicki to get a plastic surgery. So if he thinks the only way he can keep the cameras on him is by lowering himself to the point where he has to hurt other people -- then honestly, he's just sick.

What kind of person thinks it's okay to treat women like that? Not me.

Do you think Slade is making fun of the other women just for more camera time?


Image via Bravo

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