'American Horror Story: Coven': Twisted New Teasers & Everything Else You Need to Know (VIDEOS)

American Horror Story Coven Detention promoAHS fans, it's time for another wild and freaktastic ride! FX has started launching some of their seriously twisted teaser promos for Season 3 -- American Horror Story: Coven. (Oh Ryan Murphy, you big ol' sicko you.) You're going to think your eyes are playing tricks on you, but no, they're not. There's definitely something VERY creepy going on!

In fact, Murphy and friends have been spilling tons of juicy details about Season 3 and there's much to look forward to, especially if you've been a fan from the beginning. Just wait until you see the amazing cast!


In a recent AHS panel discussion, Murphy and Executive Producer Tim Minear gave lots of sneak peeks into the new season. Here's everything we know so far.

  • Coven is set in New Orleans and switches between present day and the 1830s. 
  • It's Salem Witches vs. Voodoo Witches! Apparently, the Salems and the Voodoos have been witchslapping each other for centuries by the time we come in. 
  • Get ready for an amazing and STRONG female cast and some more gutsy social commentary. Exec Producer Minear says, "While there is a strong feminist theme that runs throughout Coven this year, there are also themes of race, oppression and there is a very strong theme of family, specifically mothers and daughters."
  • Jessica Lange is back (hot damn!), and this season she plays Fiona, the most powerful "Supreme" witch!
  • Angela Bassett plays Marie Laveau, Queen of the Voodoo Witches, a character based on the real-life voodoo expert.
  • Kathy Bates joins the cast too (yippee!) to play real-life serial killer Marie Delphine LaLaurie, a.k.a. Madame LaLaurie, who, along with her husband, tortured and killed slaves in a gnarly murder chamber in the early 1800s. Murphy describes her as "the most evil woman ever." 
  • But it won't be all just witches and horror! There will be some comedic relief, unlike last season -- phew! Last season was awfully heavy (remember Shelley? ugh).
  • Frances Conroy (Moira/Angel of Death) is also back again playing Jessica's high school rival Ruth, and Sarah Paulson (Billy Dean/Lana) will play Lange's daughter Cordelia. 
  • More favorites from Seasons 1 and 2 will return, including Taissa Farmiga (Violet!!!), Jamie Brewer (Adelaide!!!), Lily Rabe (Nora/Sister Mary Eunice), Evan Peters (Tate/Kit), Alexandra Breckenridge (Young Moira), and Denis O'Hare (Larry -- aka that dead guy with the half burned face in Season 1).
  • Other confirmed newbie cast members include: Gabourey Sidibe (!!!), Emma Roberts (Evan Peters' girlfriend IRL), and Patti LuPone.

Bummer, no mention of Zachary Quinto or Dylan McDermott so far! And hey, bring back Connie Britton already. I guess there's still time for them to come on board.

Now, check out the "Detention" teaser:


Once you recover from that one, here's the "Pins & Needles" teaser:

{{{Shiver}}} Gotta love the AHS creators' extremely trippy horror show sensibilities. Can't wait until October now!

Do these teasers freak you out? Will you watch the new season of AHS?


Image via FX

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